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About Prof. Arnold H. Einhorn


Professor Arnold H. Einhorn is Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics of both George Washington University and Georgetown University, as well as Chairman Emeritus of Pediatric Medicine of the Children’s National Medical Center, all in Washington, D.C., USA. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and an elected member of the American Pediatric Society and was elected by students and faculty of Albert Einstein College of Medicine to Alpha Omega Honor Society. He was Coeditor of three editions of Barnett’s Pediatrics, the major textbook that subsequently became Rudolph’s Pediatrics.

Professor Einhorn is a gifted and astute teacher, clinician and diagnostician. The number of trainees in General Pediatrics who benefited by his erudition and scholarship are close to one thousand. His trainees are now in the forefront of every field of Pediatric's - as educators, leaders, researchers, and distinguished practitioners – in the Americas, Southern Africa & South and South East Asia.

Since spending four professionally rewarding months of his sabbatical with Professor Ramaswamy, his alumnus and shyshia, at Masonic Children’s hospital, he considers Coimbatore as his second Medical academic home. This warm sentiment has grown exponentially with each of his seven subsequent visits. He has become extremely fond of the Pediatricians of Coimbatore and surroundings. He found their assiduous thirst to updating their already vast knowledge and mutual interactions very impressive and stimulating.  He affectionately admires them as the brightest, most passionately dedicated and competent professionals and regards them as his most favored and dearest friends and colleagues. He was also very impressed by  the quality, eagerness, compassion of residents, students, nurses and other staff  he met on daily bedside rounds, lectures,  and  also by the excellent residents case presentations and  discussions.

He is blessed with 2 daughters - one is an attorney and the other is an Orthopedic Surgeon.

About the Endowment Oration

The endowment oration was instituted in the year 1994 by Prof.Dr.M.Ramaswamy, our Medical Advisor and Former Trustee of the Coimbatore Masonic Charity Trust to honor Prof.Arnold H.Einhorn's educational and clinical contributions during his sabbatical, his subsequent visits to the institution and during his own residency training in the USA.

The primary objective of this oration has been to bring the most recent and relevant knowledge in Pediatric Medicine  to the Child Health care practitioners in and around Coimbatore. Exceptionally, Professor Einhorn was the second speaker at the February 2012 Oration lecturing on an Update on Immunizations.

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