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[Founder Chairman & Managing Trustee]

Sri.Sanjay Jayavarthanavelu
[Chairman & Managing Trustee]
Sri. PR.Rathnam
[ Trustee & Hon. Secretary]
Sri.M.Ganesh Kumar
[ Trustee & Hon. Treasurer]
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[Advisor - Administration]
[ Advisor - Medicine]
Dr.Ramkumar Raghupathy
[ Advisor - Surgery]
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"The Worth of the flower lies in its Nectar"

Our Hospital being a exclusive pediatric institution there is always a weekly teaching schedule framed and bought in to action. On special days like Thursdays, Fridays a brief seminar is prepared and discussed in midst of all local practicing pediatricians. The outside pediatricians are involved in this Program to Share our Knowledge with them and extract new scenarios seen in their practicing venue. The other days excluding Saturdays and Sundays Lectures towards evidence based medicine are put forth and discussed among the assist Pediatricians. Once monthly guest lectures are organized and speakers from various honorable institutions are invited for interesting lectures. On special Occasions all children with diagnostic Dilemma are discussed and the process for further workup. The Post graduate from the nearby teaching institutions like GKNM are also invited for the share of Knowledge. All the lectures are preceded and compiled by our respected Medical Advisor Dr.Dr.M.Ramaswamy. This institution which also involves the service of pediatric Surgeons under Dr.Ramkumar Raghupathy, organises periodic lectures on interesting Surgical Cases.

Our teaching program also extents broadly with Once Weekly meeting with the parents and alternate day lectures to the visiting nursing college students. The teaching schedule for the nursing college are framed by their respected institutions and each of the Asst Pediatricians are alloted with a list of topics that to be covered within their end of postings. This teaching program which involves the parents, also involves the public once in 3 months in the form of medical exhibition.

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